Electronic Case Jacket Access

If you are representing yourself in Tax Court, you can register here to view case documents online and to receive updates when a new document is added to the electronic case jacket.

Restrictions: This service is available only to self-represented litigants. All other litigants should obtain case information through their attorney. County boards of taxation, municipal assessors and municipal clerks should log in here or register using this form.

Self-represented litigants must have their docket number, which can be found on the Case Management Plan issued by the Tax Court Management Office when the case was filed. If you cannot find the docket number, call 609-815-2922 and select "option 1" for help.

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To set up access to the electronic case jacket:

Step 1. Start registration process

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Step 2. Confirm

After receiving a registration email from njcourts.mailbox@njcourts.com, click on the link below to complete the registration. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. Do not try signing in before you receive a confirmation email.
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Step 3. Access electronic case jacket

After you receive a confirmation email, use the sign-in link to access the electronic case jacket.
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If you followed these steps and are still not able to log in, call 1-800-343-7002.