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Probation Supervision Services

The ultimate goal of probation is to help reintegrate an offender into the community as a responsible, law-abiding individual. At any given time, probation officers are responsible for supervising more than 70,000 adults and approximately 13,000 juveniles.

Adult Supervision

Probation is a sentencing alternative that provides selected offenders the opportunity to serve a criminal sentence in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. A sentence of probation may require an offender to pay fines or restitution or to seek counseling for substance abuse or for entail health or family problems. Probation officers also arrange for and monitor community service work that is often required of offenders. Probation officers collect from offenders more than $20 million in court-imposed fines a year.

Juvenile Supervision

Juvenile Supervision is a dispositional alternative in the Superior Court, Family Part. It offers juvenile offenders the opportunity to remain in their own community under supervision by a probation officer who monitors their compliance with the rules and conditions imposed by the Family Court Judge. These conditions may include completing treatment, paying restitution and fines, and achieving educational goals. The probation officer works with the parent/guardian, treatment provider and school to ensure that the juvenile successfully completes the term of probation and is rehabilitated.

Intensive Supervision Program

The New Jersey Judiciary also operates what is known as the Intensive Supervision Program, or ISP, which has proved successful in rehabilitating serious offenders. Under ISP, offenders who are sentenced to state prison may apply to a panel of judges for release into this special monitoring and supervision program. To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate the willingness and ability to adhere to the program's strict guidelines.

Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program

The Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program (JISP) was implemented in response to the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Task Force on Juveniles, Justice and the Courts as a strategy for early intervention against juvenile delinquency through intensive community supervision.

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