Essex County Superior Court Juror Reporting Information

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Message From Assignment Judge Sallyanne Floria

Welcome. Thank you for serving as an Essex County juror. Your service is a vital part of the justice system in our form of democracy and will be an important contribution to your fellow citizens.

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Note: This same reporting message is also available by calling (973) 776-9300 ext. 50815.

"WARNING: The New Jersey Judiciary does not contact people and request personal or financial information by phone, by e-mail or by sending representatives to their homes."

Failure to Report

Those jurors who fail to report as summoned are subject to a $500 fine or may be punished for contempt of court. If held in contempt of court, you may receive up to 6 months imprisonment, a fine of up to $1,000, or both.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Please notify jury staff of any physical challenges or special needs, including those related to emergency evacuation, so that you may be accommodated.

Dress Code

Jurors must wear clothing appropriate for an appearance in court. Shorts, T-shirts, or clothing containing statements or offensive symbols are not permitted. Work uniforms, including police officer uniforms, shall not be worn.

Courtroom Regulations

  • You are not permitted to eat or drink in the courtroom.
  • Cell phones, pagers and other wireless communication devices must be turned off when in a courtroom or deliberation room.

If You Are Selected For A Trial

If you are selected for a trial, the trial judge will provide you with all information pertaining to the trial schedule, reporting time, recess and lunch breaks, as well as, dismissal instructions. At the conclusion of the trial, Jury Management staff will provide all trial jurors with an attendance letter, upon request. Those not assigned to a trial will receive an attendance statement in the mail.

Juror Fees

Petit jurors are compensated $5 dollars per day for the first 3 days of service. On the 4 th day and beyond, petit jurors will receive $40 per day. All checks are mailed directly from the State Treasurer. Juror payroll is processed every Friday. Separate checks will be issued for each week of service.

Smoking Policy

The courthouse is a non-smoking facility.

Employment Protection

N.J.S.A. 2B:20-17 protects jurors from employment related retaliation against them and provides for the possibility of both criminal and civil sanctions.

Term of Service

Petit jurors are summoned for one trial or two days. This means, if after serving two days you are not involved in the jury selection process and you have not been selected for a trial, you will generally be dismissed at the end of the day, provided there are no unexpected trial demands for jurors.

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