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Appellate Division Checklist for Preparation of Brief

1. CONTENTS [R. 2:6-2, R. 2:6-4]

  • Table of contents, including point headings to be argued. Any point not presented below must be so indicated in the point heading. If the appendix is bound with the brief, there shall be a single table of contents for both.
  • Table of citations of cases, alphabetically arranged, statutes, rules and other authorities. [Not required in a letter brief.]
  • Any preliminary statement shall not exceed three pages nor contain footnotes.
  • Separate procedural history with page references to the appendix.
  • Separate statement of facts with page references to the appendix and transcript.
    [A separate statement of facts is optional for respondent. A respondent not including such a statement shall be deemed to have adopted appellant's.]
  • Chronological listing in a footnote in the procedural history of the appellant's brief of the dates of the various volumes of the transcript and their numbered designations (i.e., 1T, 2T, etc.) and transcript references (in any brief) which include the numbered designations.

  • Legal argument divided, under appropriate point headings, into as many parts as there are points to be argued.

2. FORM [ R. 2:6-7, R. 2:6-10]

  • Pages shall be 8.5" by 11", with one-inch margins.
  • Each page shall contain no more than 26 double-spaced lines of no more than 65 characters, including spaces, each of no less than 10-pitch or 12-point type. The pitch or point type also applies to footnotes.
  • Page limitations (not including tables of contents and citations):
    Initial brief of any party - 65
    Respondent/cross-appellant - 90
    Reply brief - 20
    Appellant/cross-respondent - 65
    Letter brief - 20
  • Securely fastened, either bound along the left margin or stapled in the upper left-hand corner. Metal fasteners should be covered.

3. COVER - not glassine [ R. 2:6-6]

  • Color:
    Appellant - white
    Respondent or respondent/cross-appellant - blue
    Amicus - green
    Reply or appellant/cross-respondent - buff
  • Name of appellate court and docket number.
  • Complete caption as it was in the trial court or agency plus designation of appellant and respondent. [Do not abbreviate or use "et al."]
  • Nature of the proceedings, name of the court and judge or agency below.
  • Title of the document and designation of party for whom filed.
  • Name, office address and telephone number of the attorney of record and names of any attorneys "of counsel" or "on the brief."


  • Five copies of the brief for the Clerk's office and two for each party.
  • Proof of service on each party to be filed simultaneously.

5. LEGIBILITY [ R. 2:6-10]

  • Check all copies for legibility.
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