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Appellate Division Checklist for Preparation of Appendix - [Appendix is Optional for Respondent]

1. CONTENTS [ R. 2:6-1, R. 2:6-3]

  • Table of contents. Indicate the initial page of each document. Attachments to a document shall be separately identified and the initial page of each noted. Each volume of a separately bound appendix must be prefaced with the full table of contents and shall specify on its cover the pages included therein. If bound with the brief, there shall be a single table of contents for both.
  • In civil actions, the complete pretrial order, if any, and the pleadings.
  • If a motion decision is being appealed, the motion and any supporting or opposing affidavit/certification.
  • In criminal, quasi-criminal or juvenile delinquency actions, the indictment, accusation or complaint.
  • Judgment, order or determination appealed from, including any jury verdict sheet.
  • Trial judge's charge to the jury, if at issue, and any opinions or statement of findings and conclusions.
  • Notice of appeal.
  • Such other parts of the record, excluding the stenographic transcript, as are essential to the proper consideration of the issues.
  • Trial briefs shall not be included in the appendix, unless either the question of whether an issue was raised in the trial court is germane to the appeal, in which event only the material pertinent to that issue shall be included, or the brief is referred to in the decision of the court or agency.
  • Any document already in the appendix, for example annexed to a motion, should not be reproduced again.
  • A document that is included in full in the appellant's appendix should not be duplicated in the respondent's appendix.

2. FORM [ R. 2:6-1, R. 2:6-10]

  • Pages shall be 8.5" by 11".
  • Bound with the brief or separately into volumes containing no more than 200 sheets each.
  • Filing date of each paper shall be stated at the head of the copy as well as its subject matter.
  • Each page shall be numbered consecutively followed by the letter "a" (e.g. 1a, 2a, etc.).
  • Securely fastened, either bound along the left margin or stapled in the upper left-hand corner.

3. COVER [ R. 2:6-6]

  • If separate from the brief, cover of the appendix shall be the same as the brief.


  • Five copies of the appendix for the Clerk's office and two for each party.
  • Proof of service on each party to be filed simultaneously.

5. LEGIBILITY [ R. 2:6-10]

  • Check all copies for legibility.
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